Episode #341 – Godzilla vs. Kong, with Zander Cannon

From the dawn of time, humankind has dreamed of watching a giant lizard wrestle a big ape. Well, now humankind has Godzilla vs. Kong. Did it live up to our dreams? We enlisted the creator of Kaijumax, Zander Cannon, to help untangle our thoughts, as we spin along on this hollow Earth.

BTW: we know we promised you the Dark Phoenix live episode on our Twitter and IG, but technical issues stood in the way (those technical issues are that Dan somehow lost the file). In the unlikely event anyone has a recording or a bootleg, get in touch!

Download the MP3 directly, HERE.

Why is it always VERSUS? In the old days, Frankenstein would just “meet” the Wolf Man. Much more polite.

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Wikipedia entry for Godzilla vs. Kong.

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Wolf House

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

Shin Godzilla

King Kong Escapes

A Colt is My Passport

Zander Cannon, the Godzilla of our hearts.