The Flop House Post Election Mood Enhancer – Bratz Commentary

Hi everyone. Was digging through the archives to see if there was anything we could release today, because it seems like maybe people could use a distraction right now.

Anyway, found this old recording of the audio from one of our earliest live shows, way back in 2013, where we riffed over the movie Bratz, and decided to make it public (there are MP3s floating around, but we never put it on the main feed).

In the past we were worried that you could hear the audio to the movie in the background, for copyright reasons (and also you’ll have to sync this pretty well to the movie to hear us without getting a quiet echo). But you know what? It seems unlikely anyone cares, and if we get complaints, we’ll take it down. 

For now, enjoy this surprise, and try to keep from torturing yourself with anxiety. The show was an early one, and riff shows are hard, so this might not be the absolute -best-, but Bratz is on Netflix right now if you wanna put us on and turn off your brain for a while.

Be strong. Take care of yourselves.

Download the MP3 directly, HERE.

With brattitude, we will prevail.

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