Episode #315 – Hawk the Slayer

“Hollywood” Kalan really worked his connections this episode, to bring us the utterly wonderful Felicia Day (of The Guild, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, MST3K: The Return, and much more) to discuss seminal high fantasy, low budget epic “Hawk the Slayer.” Meanwhile Dan drops a crazy Pink Panther fact, Elliott launches an insulting guess-by-mail contest, Felicia is intrigued by some fish-eating prowess, and Stuart’s in this fantasy discussion like a fuckin’ fish in water.

Also, we’re no longer accepting receipts for the charity raffle, but the whole video livestream show is available for viewing on our YouTube page. We give an exact figure in the show, but between you generous listeners and the show’s own donations, we raised about SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND dollars for charity. Thank you so much for doing good in the world!

You know it’s a good movie when the IMDB image has poster folds.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Hawk the Slayer

Movies recommended in this episode:

Knock Off

Deep Cover

Slow West