Episode #311 – Rambo: Last Blood

Guys, we’re so excited for our guest this episode. He’s a big-time Hollywood gent who’s worn many hats — and to name just a few: he wrote and directed About a Boy. As an actor, he co-starred as “Chuck” in Chuck and Buck. He was one of the producers of The Farewell. The man co-wrote a Star War (Rogue One), for Pete’s sake! And, as we never get tired of reminding him, he directed Twilight: New Moon. But up until now, he’s been missing one line on his resume — Flop House guest. I’m sure now he weeps, for he has no worlds left to conquer. Chris Weitz is on this episode! And we’re sorry we made him talk about Rambo: Last Blood! Meanwhile the rest of us do some shit. We won’t waste your time. Just listen.

Wait, does Rambo ALSO have nanobots?

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Wikipedia synopsis of Rambo: Last Blood

Movies recommended in this episode:

Easter Parade

Support the Girls

What’s Up, Doc?


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April 25th, 2020



  1. Wildride says:

    A bunch of nonsense movie recommendations for no reason (if you can find them):

    Up the Creek
    Rustler’s Rhapsody
    A Secret Admirer
    No Small Affair
    Private Lessons
    Private School
    Student Bodies
    Return of the Killer Tomatoes


  2. Branden says:

    So Last Blood is “xenophobic” but Liam Neeson’s Taken (a movie with a very similar plot) is okay… why? It’s just because the Taken villains are white. This is why identity politics are ridiculous.

    • Vardulon says:

      According to the episode, Taken is also extremely xenophobic, but this movie is worse because it reinforces existing harmful stereotypes, whereas no one before ‘Taken’ was hearing about Paris and thinking ‘oh, the place where White Americans get kidnapped by swarthy foreigners?’

  3. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version for people with data caps – https://archive.org/details/the-flop-house-episode-311-rambo-last-blood-low-bitrate

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