Episode #310 – Bloodshot

First off, how are you guys? Everyone doing okay? We hope so. Take care of yourselves. Secondly, my lord were we excited to have Griffin Newman, of many, many things, including the Blank Check podcast and Amazon’s The Tick, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the world’s #1 Vin Diesel fan, join the show to discuss Vin’s latest vinsanity, Bloodshot. Meanwhile Elliott takes us on a tour through the 4th most popular comics publisher of the 90’s, Griffin offers a unified Diesel theory, and Stu and Dan do some bullshit, we’re sure, but, honestly, that’s really the most important stuff, because those two lovable scamps can talk up a storm!

Technically, the nanobots also make him an iron man.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Book Club

Movies recommended in this episode:

Funny Face

Death by Metal

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning


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April 11th, 2020



  1. Wildride says:

    “… The late Paul Bettany — He was late to the audition for the role of Furious, so Paul Walker got it instead …”

  2. Gerald Fnord says:

    Well, o.k.,but I _defy_ you to claim that Luis Guzmán could ever muster anything like the appearance of transcendent joy flicking berries at Vin Diesel’s pecs.

  3. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version of the episode for people with data caps – https://archive.org/details/the-flop-house-episode-310-bloodshot-low-bitrate

  4. Gerald Fnord says:

    Wigans has all that money because 0.) he’s been planning his escape and 1.) he’s a cliché genius hacker, so skimming fractional cents ‘n’ shit from incredibly secure financial systems is literal child’s play for him. Or maybe he just runs 419 scams on the side.

    Note: most monitors couldn’t survive an E.M.P. nearby even if the mains were shielded…but as was pointed-out he did know it was coming and so he must have got a shielded one.

  5. elsiekate says:

    stuart, i’m very glad you’re doing better.

    I loved this episode–maybe I do think two elliotts is heaven…..

  6. Robert says:

    Does this episode not work anymore?

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