FH Mini #1: Unsolved Mysteries

Here’s a little thing we’re trying, sort of as a snack between episodes. Minisodes that are more tangent than show. On this first one, we ask: Goofy — what’s HIS deal?

exciting new wrinkle to the show.

Download the minisode directly HERE.

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February 8th, 2020



  1. Tim says:

    I hope you will decide to do more of these! We’ve just scratched the surface of whatever Duckberg’s whole deal is. Thats a multi-part series right there. Or you can confirm Giorgio that did tear off his own ding-dong!

    • Gerald Fnord says:

      I hope that you’ll do lots of these; I love the looser feel and getting to hear a tangent without bothering with a whole episode. (They could also make excellent fodder for Tony Ochre, if still a little too long as presented.)

  2. elsiekate says:

    yes, please–more flophouse content is great!

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