Flop House Live Show in D.C. in August!

The Flop House is taking our show on the road to do our first LIVE taping outside of the NYC area. We will be appearing at Black Cat in Washington D.C. on Friday, August 5, at 9 pm. Tickets $20. We’d love to see you there!



May 25th, 2016



  1. Morgan Lastnamewithheld says:

    Washington DC? OK.

    Say, Washington State is practically right next door. You know they loved our third-greatest founding father so much that they named a whole state after him, too, not just a silly district, right? Why not have a tour of all two Washingtons?


    A person totally not living in Seattle, WA who is totally disinterested in your tour or whatever

  2. DJ MacIntosh says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all in person. I got my girlfriend into the Flophouse and it’s our favorite podcast for road trips. Now I want to know what movie you all are going to talk about so I get get a hold of it before the show.

  3. Phil lastnamewithheld says:

    So welcome to DC boys. I hope you enjoy our lovely town. There is a Popeyes chicken in DC and some great local brews. I’m dragging my girlfriend to see the show. Make it weird guys.

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