CONTEST! The Search for the New Song of the Autumn

As we all know, “He’s the Housecat (Arthur’s Theme)” was last year’s undisputed song of the autumn, with people blasting it out of their cars at their hot cider tastings, pumpkin chunkin’s, and Shocktober masquerade balls.

But what of 2014? What will bear the colorful dried-up leafy crown? Well, THAT’S UP TO YOU.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

(1.) Cull through all the Flop House audio that’s available to you — more than 160 hours in all. Edit it, put it with a backing track, autotune it, don’t autotune it, loop it, whatever you need to make your booty-shaking (or wistful power pop, or new wave, or punk, or whatever) masterpiece. The song should include at least some vocals from all three of the original peaches, but beyond that feel free to toss in audio from guest hosts, or anything else your heart desires.

(2.) Post your song on SoundCloud, so that everything’s available on one platform, and we’ll be able to embed the songs easily on our own site.

(3.) Send us a link to your song with FLOP HOUSE SONG CONTEST in all caps.

The deadline to get songs in is October 1st.

Once all the entries are in, we’ll make the songs available on our website for folks to vote on. The voting period will last from October 2nd thru October the 13th.

We will announce the winner on the episode that drops on October 18th  — the 2nd and last episode in Shocktober, and coincidentally the same date as our live show. Shocktober kismet!

THE GRAND (and only) PRIZE: The winning song will be played at the end of the episode that drops Nov. 1, and the winner will get a T-shirt and will get to pick a movie for us to cover on an upcoming show.

Get creating, creators!