September is a Wash

We wanted to have a new podcast up for you this week. We really did, especially since Elliott was just selfish enough to go get himself married to a lovely woman, throwing our schedule way out of whack. Unfortunately, it’s just not gonna happen.

Don’t worry, we weren’t all swept up in the Brooklyn tornado of 2010. The reason is much more pleasant — Dan’s finally flirting with a little success. He had some freelance video work that had to take precedence, and he won’t be available for taping next week, either, since he’ll be at the New York Television Festival in support of his independent pilot, 9 AM Meeting, which is an official selection of the fest.

That’s all the bad news. The good news is, if you live in the New York area, and you want your Flop House fix, you can drop by the aforementioned TV fest to see one of the screenings. Dan will be taking part in a Q&A afterward, and you may even be able to collar Stu or Elliott in the crowd. The screenings are FREE, and you can reserve online (there’s a service charge, but it’s per order, so you can get multiple tickets and split the fee with friends). And several nights include OPEN BARS for everyone with a ticket stub, so maybe you’ll get lucky.


1st screening: Wednesday, Sept. 22nd at 9:45 pm
2nd screening: Thursday, Sept. 23rd at 7:30 pm

It screens as part of the “Animation 2 Block:”
A Guy and His Beaver
Owl’s Ghetto Television
9 AM Meeting
Max The Hero

So come on out, if you can, and support Dan — it may end up helping him change careers to something that’ll actually make him happy, which will mean fewer trademark mournful sighs, but probably make him funnier overall.

We WILL be back in SHOCKTOBER, with our special CONTEST WINNER SELECTION EPISODE and other seasonal treats. Until then, we apologize for the gap, and hope that you all won’t abandon us for “Ask a Ninja.” (Is that still at thing?)

Kisses – The Flop House