Episode #24 – Prom Night

The Original Peaches are back! For the first time since early August, Dan, Stu, and Elliott are all in the same place at the same time long enough to record a Flop House. And just in time – because this is the first of our annual SHOCKTOBER shows, focusing on lousy horror films! This time around it’s Prom Night, the movie that (were this a just world) should kill PG-13 horror. Meanwhile, Dan shows his command of vocabulary, Stuart proves himself a master o listing old video games, and Elliott reminisces about a Cub Scout field trip that ended with tits.

0:00 – 0:37 – Introduction and theme.
0:38 – 1:54 – The whole team is back together again, so to celebrate they ramble off-topic for a while.
1:55 – 37:13 – We talk about Prom Night, a shocking expose about the incompetence of the Bridgeport police department.
37:14 – 40:35 – Final judgments.
40:36 – 49:27 – We explain why we haven’t had the Flop House contest winner on, announce a winner of the Ewe Boll contest, and Dan shamelessly plugs his own project.
49:28 – 52:54 – The sad bastards recommend.
52:55 – 54:30 – Goodbyes, theme, outtakes, and many, many sound effects

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Wikipedia synopsis of Prom Night