Flop House Klassic – Bratz

What do you get when Stuart is out of town on vacation, Elliott is busy transitioning from one high-stress television comedy job to another high-stress television comedy job, and Dan is having Internet problems? A rerun! Hey, at least we don’t do it as much as LOST. (Well, as much as they used to… before their uninterrupted seasons… lets pretend that joke was still relevant and move on).

In this, one of our favorite episodes, we discussed Bratz– a movie that was so unexpectedly delightful in its badness that it became the gold standard for Flop House film ratings. Enjoy.

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Speaking of Bratz, the Onion AV Club, home of the smartest and funniest pop culture commentary on the Internet (or pretty much anywhere) published their own appreciation of the movie over at My Year of Flops. You might wanna check it out.

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