The Flop House is Taking Memorial Day Off

We’ve been busy with barbecues, beer, and memorializing, so there won’t be a new episode until next weekend. However, we don’t want to leave you loyal listeners with nothing. So, in the meanwhile, why don’t you enjoy the video below. It’s part of Captains in Space, another podcast project of Flop House co-host Dan McCoy (produced by Fed Hatoum and a ton of other talented folks — go to for a full list of credits).

This episode was written by Mr. McCoy from a story idea suggested by none other than Flopper Stuart Wellington.* It’s almost a Flop House crossover! So take a gander, and we’ll see you next week.

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*Just to show how incestuous the NYC comedy world can be, you can see the third Flop House host Elliot Kalan, in a cameo as a Russian cosmonaut, in this earlier episode of CiS.