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Episode #98 – In Time

Show notes lost to the sands of time. Press the play button above to listen to this episode. Download it here, or paste into iTunes (or your favorite podcatching software) to have new episodes delivered to you directly as they’re released. Wikipedia synopsis of In Time. LISTEN TO THE FLOP HOUSE ON OTHER PODCASTS! […]

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Flop House on Break, but Enjoy this CAVALCADE OF FUN

Lazy television writers Elliott and Dan were on vacation this week, but if you absolutely need to have your podcast fix, check out Dan’s guest spot on Beginnings, with Wrestling Team. He discusses making it in the comedy writing biz. Pretty tall talk for a guy who’s been a comedy writer for about a month. […]

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Flop House Methadone

A new Flop House will be posted this weekend, but in the meantime you can get some of that F.H. flavor over at the Beginnings podcast, where Andy Beckerman and Mark Bisi interview Elliott about his career in comedy (and say some very kind things about our own show). Take a listen!

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