The Flop House on the Dance Floor

While we recover from weddings, vacations, and honeymoons, please enjoy these pictures of The Flop House busting a move at Elliott’s nuptials, in their own inimitable fashion.


September 8th, 2010


Elliott is a Member of High Society

Elliott’s wedding made the NY Times. For those too lazy to click a link, I’ll save you the trouble by quoting the best part: “He has also appeared on the show in roles like Doodle Von Taintstain and Toppington Von Monocle, and as himself.” A wedding ...


September 6th, 2010

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Game Called on Account of MARRIAGE

No new episode this week, because Stu and Dan are hopping into their motorcycle and sidecar to Mad Mad Mad Mad World their way from one coast to the other to watch their li’l buddy Elliott get married (in an adventure soon to be made into the heartwarming ABC Family ...


August 26th, 2010