All Valentine’s Day

Episode #171 – No Good Deed

Flop House repeat offender Idris Elba romances Taraji P. Henson in the Valentine’s Day favorite No Good Deed. Wait, did we say “romances?” We meant “terrorizes.” Meanwhile Elliott tells us of James Bond films of the future, Dan tries to play a game of Radio Zork, and Stuart introduces the new Sweet Amazing Candy Penis.

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Episode #74 – Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Black History Month, it’s Valentine’s Day, beloved character actor and much-less-beloved director Gary Marshall’s ode to overstuffed celebrity casts. Meanwhile Elliott reveals himself to be the Man of Twelve Voices, Dan displays his very specific Hector Elizondo-related speech impediment, and Stuart withholds the housecat for MAXIMUM IMPACT. 0:00 – 0:39 – […]

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