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FH Mini 73 – The 73rd Flop House Mini

Our esteemed host for the mini, Mr. Elliott Kalan, takes Dan and Stu on a tour through Oscar history by quizzing them on some of the most forgettable Best Picture winners of all time

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FH Mini 53 – Prolific Pals

Fiendish gamemaster Dan returns to quiz the other Peaches on some of the hardest working men in showbiz. Things start goofy and only get goofier when Dan realizes how bad he is at counting.

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FH Mini 30 – The Sleuth About Cats and Dogs

In honor of Housebroken, the TV show that’s kindly employed Mr. Elliott Kalan for part of this lousy quarantine (premiering 5/31 on Fox), Elliott quizzes the others about their preferences, to determine Dan and Stu’s perfect pop culture pets

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