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Episode #422 – Road House (2024)

FINALLY after suffering through all of those bad movies, we get a treat! Patrick Swayze’s Ro… what? What’s that we’re hearing? It’s the remake? Goddamn it. Well maybe Road House 2024 will have some charms of its own. I guess y’all will need to listen to find out.

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Episode #361 – Accidental Love, with Matthew Silverstein and Dave Jeser

Here’s a new one — two of the credited writers of Accidental Love (aka “Nailed,” the movie that went through so many production issues that director David O. Russell asked for his name to be removed) actually PITCHED their own movie to us to cover. That’s right, Elliott’s colleagues, Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser, join us to discuss this legendarily troubled film, and they seem just as baffled as anyone about it!

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