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FH Mini 48 – A Trip Down Memory Lane with Nukie, feat. Erik Marcisak

We’re joined by Erik Marcisak, the man who holds a hallowed place in Flop House history, as the man who introduced Dan and Elliott to one another. We reminisce with Erik about the old days, doing shows in his tiny comedy theater; then we segue into a discussion of Nukie, one of the bad movies that bonded him with Elliott; and wrap up with Erik subtly hijacking the show to interview us for a little bit.

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The Flop House is Taking Halloween Off

We’re taking a little break, thanks to the convergence of Halloween, Stuart being out of town on business, and Elliott being all tied up with satirizing the election (vote on Tuesday, people!) so there’s no new show this week. However, in honor of the holiday, please enjoy these ghost hunting videos starring two of the […]

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