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Episode #87 – My Soul to Take

Despite the presence of our good friend, Erik Zuckerman, we couldn’t take much from My Soul to Take, except misery.  Meanwhile, Stuart airs our dirty laundry on air, Elliott does some more comic strip movie casting, and we learn the surprising internal organ-based source of Dan’s perversions. 0:00 – 0:34 – Introduction and theme. 0:35 […]

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Episode #57 – Sorority Row

Elliott and Dan are joined by Eric Zuckerman, an actor who’s appeared in many films–including one starring patron saint of flop Gerard Butler–to discuss the slasher film Sorority Row. Meanwhile, in a star-studded podcast, Eric completely fails to give us inside information about Carrie Fisher, Dan is pimped into busting out his Michael Caine impression, […]

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