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Bad Movie Night: Don’t Tell Her It’s Me (aka The Boyfriend School)

01 Feb 2013
08:00 pm - 11pm
92Y Tribeca

Featuring pre-show trivia, prizes and a Marunga Makeover by I Love Bad Movies and running commentary by The Flop House. Gus (Steve Guttenberg) is a live-action Ziggy who transforms into an overconfident, mulleted New Zealand biker named Lobo Marunga. In between, the Gutte is his usual charming self while his pesky sister (romance novelist Shelley […]

Bad Movie Night: Quiet Cool

08 Jun 2012
8pm - 11pm
92Y Tribeca

Featuring pre-show trivia, prizes, a James Remar: Simply the Best slideshow presentation by the editors of the I Love Bad Movies zine and running commentary by bad-movie podcast The Flop House. New York City cop Joe Dylanne (James Remar of 48 Hrs. & The Warriors) woke up with his head in a pizza box, chased […]

Flop House Live 2: Through the Porthole of Time

20 Jan 2012

This Friday!  For those who haven’t heard already, I’ll let event producer and co-host Matt Carman explain: “We will be screening 12 Rounds, a “stupid as a bag of hammers” action movie from the director of Die Hard 2, starring John Cena a.k.a. that wrestler guy who sometimes acts but isn’t The Rock.  Fans of […]

Flop House LIVE in D.C.

01 Jan 1970

The Flop House is taking our show on the road to do our first LIVE taping outside of the NYC area. We will be appearing at Black Cat in Washington D.C. on Friday, August 5, at 9 pm. Tickets $20. We’d love to see you there! SHOW LINK/ TICKETS