19 Mar 2022
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Your Home!

We’re coming at you live with another ticketed online show! Stuart, Dan, and Elliott will discuss 1987’s MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, the film that answers the question, “What if Courteney met a Skeletor?”

(To answer a common question — the movie will not be streamed, both because this is just a regular live show, AND because we don’t have the rights to do that. If you wish to watch the film before the live show, it’s currently available on Cinemax, or in parts on YouTube.)

You’ll also experience exclusive-to-this-show PowerPoint presentations, audience polls, and participate in a live Q&A “Ask the Floppers” session at the end.

Chat with your fellow floppers as we ramble on about nonsense and, occasionally, talk about Masters of the Universe. Good-bad? Bad-bad? Or a movie we kinda Lundgren?

Your ticket purchase also gets you access to a video recording of the live show for a whole week afterward, so you’ll be able to watch the entire show even if you can’t join live (or live in a part of the world where most people are asleep at 9pm Eastern). This recording access is exclusive to ticket holders for this show. Recording link will be e-mailed to all ticket holders the day after the show.

ACCESSIBILITY: Closed captioning will be enabled on both the live show and the recording, and you’ll be able to toggle it on/off for yourself according to need/preference.