FLOP TV – A Season of Livestreams!

01 Jan 1970
Your Home!
$7 for a single show / $35 for all of them!

The world of entertainment is crumbling, which means it’s time for The Flop House to get into the TV game! Sort of! We’re coming at you with a full season of SIX MONTHLY VIDEO LIVE STREAMS – aka FLOP TV – featuring your favorite bad movie podcasters in fun, fast, streamlined, hour-long versions of our live shows that you can enjoy from the comfort of your house, apartment, bungalow, or yurt!

From August through January, one Saturday per month (all 1st Saturdays, other than 9/9 to avoid Labor Day) we’ll be broadcasting live with all-new bad movie shenanigans. Is there a theme to the season? You bet your original peach there is! we’ll be discussing a slate of some of our most referenced and requested films – it’s FLOP HOUSE ALL-STARS.

You can purchase individual show tix for $7, or a discounted $35 for the WHOLE SEASON, which is like getting one episode for free!

The format is a fun-size version of our usual shows – each episode will kick off with ONE powerpoint presentation, followed by a discussion of the movie, a question or two from the audience, and perhaps a surprise along the way.


Saturday, August 5 – BEASTMASTER 2: THROUGH THE PORTAL OF TIME – The movie made famous by Dan’s slip of the tongue! What happens when Dar, everyone’s favorite barbarian with animal telepathy powers, is sent to 1990s L.A. through an actual Port-hole of Time?! Directed by a guy who never made another film, and written by Jim Wynorski, the man responsible for both Chopping Mall and Busty Cops Go Hawaiian.

Saturday, September 9 – COOL WORLD – As the tagline says, “Holly would if she could!” What does that mean? We’ve seen this animated/live-action sex-thriller-comedy and we still don’t know. We do know that apparently director Ralph Bakshi didn’t bother giving animators the script, instead saying “do a scene that’s funny, whatever you want to do!” A unique strategy!

Saturday, October 7 – Double feature! – HOT DOG: THE MOVIE / HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE – It’s a double bill of the only two 1980’s movies to be officially adapted from food! Will we get confused and try to eat the movies? Join us to find out!

Saturday, November 4  – OVER THE TOP – History’s greatest movie star, Sly Stallone, takes on history’s greatest sport: arm wrestling, in a film directed by one of history’s greatest schlockmeisters, Menahem Golan. Will Sly himself stop by, in search of restaurant-quality Tostito’s brand corn chips? Join us to find out.

Saturday, December 2 – BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER – It’s the movie title that made America go “Huh?” and also “What?” and “The hell?” Are Ecks and Sever the names of people? Are we supposed to know who they are? Why are they versus each other? What’s “ballistic” doing in there? Learn with us!

Saturday, January 6 – NUKIE – Considered one of the worst films ever made, this South African knockoff of E.T. is rich with rubber-suit, snot-nosed child aliens waddling around! Elliott has long done a presentation warning people not to watch this movie. But we’re gonna!

We hope you can join us for one or all of these shows, and who knows? If enough of you like this, perhaps there’s a season two of Flop TV in our futures! Flopcelsior!