Dan Podcast Guest Appearance ALERT

In our continuing effort to make up for the recent lack of new episodes, due to the one-two punch of technical difficulties and August vacations, we’d like to point you to the Overload the Machine podcast, hosted by NYC stand-up Rob Stern, which recently had Dan on as ...


September 5th, 2011

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Flop House Bloopers and Practical Jokes

Here it is, the non-canonical Beastly episode, the one where our equipment suddenly started picking up radio signals, which were then transferred to the recording as a constant bed of phat (and less-than-phat, or “phthin”) beats, beneath our film jabber. Repeat, ...


August 19th, 2011


No Show / Technical Difficulties

This last week, the peaches all got together to watch Flop House repeat offenders Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens in the retelling-of-Beauty-and-the-Beast-with-one-of-the-Olsen-twins opus Beastly. Having suffered through the whole film, Dan set up the recording equipment ...


August 15th, 2011


Flop House on Break, but Enjoy this CAVALCADE OF FUN

Lazy television writers Elliott and Dan were on vacation this week, but if you absolutely need to have your podcast fix, check out Dan’s guest spot on Beginnings, with Wrestling Team. He discusses making it in the comedy writing biz. Pretty tall talk for a guy ...


July 9th, 2011


Flop House LIVE / "Twin Sitters" Event is TOMORROW

Elliott joined “I Love Bad Movies” editors Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh on “The Hoot” to discuss our 92Y Tribeca screening and bad movies in general. Give a listen: The Hoot! #16: I Love Bad Movies | Radiohive Collective And, ...


June 29th, 2011

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Movie Minute #36 – A Shameless Plug

Due to some major life events in a couple of the floppers’ lives, we had to push back the regularly scheduled episode until next week. That’s the bad news. The good news is that our good friends at I Love Bad Movies, Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh, have swooped ...


May 21st, 2011

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What if Penny Met a Dinosaur: THE SAGA CONTINUES

Flop House superfan Gustav sent this beautiful piece of fan art showing what would happen if Penny met a dinosaur. I’ll let him explain: “I attached a jpeg of what would happen if Penny met a Spinosaur that was remotely brain-controlled by Dr. Claw. They would ...


April 6th, 2011


Inspector Gadget’s Greatest Secrets Revealed! UPDATED

Thanks to Dan’s brother* we now have this artist’s rendering — guaranteed to be 100% medically accurate — of what would happen if Penny met a dinosaur. *Hire him if you need some illustration or design work done. And now, thanks to Flop House ...


March 28th, 2011

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