Episode #196 – Aloha

Will Cameron Crowe ever rebound from his Elizabethtown slump? Probably not with the even-worse Aloha. Meanwhile, Dan calls out famed painter Leonardo Da Vinci, Elliott can’t remember the rich Bazooka Joe cast of characters, and Stu engages in something that’s definitely a bit.

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Movies recommended in this episode:

It’s Such a Beautiful Day
Class of 1984



Wikipedia synopsis for Aloha.

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January 23rd, 2016



  1. omaxem says:

    Elliot – A man walks in…
    Dan, Stu, thousands of Floppers -… to a bar.

    Love this ‘cast. You guys are great.

    Also, Hello.

  2. Gzoref@gmail.com says:

    Yes, Nathan Rabin coined “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” in the first part of his series “My Year of Flops.”

  3. Gzoref@gmail.com says:

    EDIT: Yes, Nathan Rabin coined “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” in the first part of his series “My Year of Flops,” which was Elizebethtown.

    “[Kirsten] Dunst embodies a character type I like to call The Manic Pixie Dream Girl (see Natalie Portman in Garden State for another prime example). The Manic Pixie Dream Girl exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is an all-or-nothing-proposition. Audiences either want to marry her instantly (despite The Manic Pixie Dream Girl being, you know, a fictional character) or they want to commit grievous bodily harm against them and their immediate family”

  4. MB says:

    Just wanted to point out 93% by voters voted for statehood, so being part of the US was not forced upon the natives.

  5. So when are you coming to London? If the show coincides with my landlord being away I might be able to offer a couple of couches to crash on.

  6. Benny Lava says:

    Bustin’ makes me feel good!

  7. Wodin says:

    I so wanted to yell Uncle Leo’s Cape Fear “Hello” every time someone said Aloha 🙂

  8. Edward says:


  9. Di says:

    So addicted to this podcast now! Y’all are funny and entertaining =D

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