Episode #221 – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is a big one folks. Batman v. Superman v. The Flop House. Meanwhile Stuart makes it very clear this is not your daddy’s anything, Dan does a dead-on Katherine Hepburn, and Elliott reveals how Nicholas Cage rents softcore pornography.

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How much you bench?

Wikipedia synopsis for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Gate
Fanny and Alexander

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January 7th, 2017



  1. Hannah says:

    UGH ELLIOT – I was just starting to ease into your natural voice at the beginning, maybe getting a little turned on, and then you dropped that fucking word bomb about the chocolate ear bath and I almost choked on my tea. Fittingly, it was peach tee. So thanks for another near death experience, the Flophouse. Love you maniacs.

  2. Wildride says:

    “Hmm — Did I run for president?”
    “I don’t know, Damian: Do you think anyone would vote for the anti Christ?!?”
    “Well, enough of them voted for Loser Trump that they gave him the job, despite losing by a substantial margin. I like my chances.”

  3. Sam says:

    The idea about Lex doing everything out of boredom is interesting but that is a much better fit the Joker not Lex Luthor.

  4. Alex says:

    See, my dad’s also a Violator fan, but when he saw Spawn, he was just disappointed that he didn’t hear “Enjoy the Silence” or “Personal Jesus” or even “World in My Eyes”. I guess it wasn’t my dad’s Violator.

  5. Sam says:

    I am surprised that this episode had no mention of the Sad Affleck:


  6. Sam says:

    Who is the comment moderator? Is it the House Cat? Is it a hibernating polar bear? Is it Dan’s happiness? Elliott’s silvery voice ? Or Stuart’s sobriety? Maybe it is the fat thin man? the courageous coward perhaps? Could it be the gregarious mute?

  7. Sam says:

    Or maybe the comment moderator is a lonely poet who is sitting in silence in his studio trying to write yet another poem, the days in which his poems were an avenue for expression feelings of joy and sadness are long gone, instead he uses his poems to escape a reality too uncomfortable, one which he find himself alienated from almost all human beings he interacts with regularly, well except for the shopkeeper who sells him cigarettes, that reminds him, he lights one, takes a big drag, in the silence you can hear the cigarette burning bright, then he reaches to pour a little bit bourbon, hesitates, it is lunchtime so its OK as he swallows the cheap liquor he thinks to himself: “for being so fucking ‘artistic’ I don’t get laid enough”. But his art is his heroin. He now needs it as an escape from the pain of existing as a being that has is unfortunately conscious of his own finitude. There is a knock on the door, it is her of course. He puts out his cigarette, gets up and opens the door, the air in his studio is blue with smoke. It is the landlord, who wants her rent. He has to consciously remember all the social niceties and that kind of catches him off-guard. While she is talking he thinks about his mental state, he thinks of his own self-imposed isolation. The conversation is over, he made a promise he probably can’t keep. Back to the poem he was trying to write, he has picked the title, that is what he always does, pick a great title, and then that jump starts his imagination. The title reads: “The Comment Moderator”.

  8. Judge Dredd says:

    Bruce McCulloch fans sound off…

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